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We can design inovative and beautiful websites.

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We can plan and executive one of the best social media campaigns for you.

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Cybogenetics Technowork is a large diversified technology company establish in 2008 in Nagpur. We offers a wide range of services like Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimizaation, E-commerce Development, Web Promotion, Social Media Caampaign, Internet Marketing, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Software and Applications Development. We Leverage best in class people, processes, and technologies.

Our Development and IT services help you meet deadlines, conform to the highest quality standards and provide you the highly skilled resources you need to maintain your competitive edge. All this, while you continue to remain cost efficient and focus on growing your business

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We have various packages for all kind of business from Beginer to Masters and Small to Enterprise.


Well designed package for them, who have a small business and want to make their presence online.

5,000 ₹
 5 Static + 2 Dynamic Pages
 Free Responsive Designing
  Domain Name & Hosting


Specially designed for those who want to regularly updated details of their product and services.

7,500 ₹
  10 Dynamic Pages
  Admin Panel
  Google Listing + Web Statics


Those who have the custom requirement like online sales, Job Portal etc. can go for this plan.

? ₹
  Ask us
  Ask us
  Ask us


Regularly asked questions are answered here

The world of business had changed a lot now people want everything on their figure tip either it’s shopping or selling or getting details about some company. And this is where a website comes handy. It will give you the benefits mention below.
  • It will increase the reach of the business.
  • It will take your business to the large-scale
  • It increase the brand value
  • It makes your availability 24/7
  • It tells the customer who we are what are what we do and what is our expertise.
  • It decreases the marketing expenditure.
  • It allows us to present our whole product and service catalogue to the customer.
  • Website consists of three major part.
  • Domain name (which can be your business name or something similar to it as per the availability)
  • Domain Hosting (it’s a place where you will keep your website for the access through the domain name.)
  • Designs once you have the name and space then you have to make a web design which will show case your details to the users.
  • It’s an electronic form of document which contains text, graphics, and hyperlinks to other pages and files.
    It’s a set of commonly related pages which will give the information about the business to the viewer either it can be can be dynamic website or static website.
    It’s the name for your website just like you have a name. It can be anything provided it is not been already used by someone else. (ex.
    It’s a place to which your domain name is associated and the design you will make will be kept here. It’s just like your need a place to live same your design need to place to live.
    The pages in which details can be update or change by the owner or user through admin panel is a dynamic page and the website which will contain dynamic pages are called dynamic website. For example if you want a product catalogue page which can be change frequently then you need to have a dynamic website.
    When the website contains the page which can’t be updated by the owner on its own is known as static pages. The detail is inserted in the pages while they are designed and can’t be changed frequently.
    It’s the secured section of the page which can be only accessed by the authorized user to change or updated the website details.
    The website which is designed to adapt to every available size of various devices ranging from mobile to large screens.

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